Warrington Gymnastics Club 


Use the links below to register your child for the show, check timings, buy tickets and all the information you need to enjoy our fantastic Christmas Shows!

Our gymnasts are all working very hard learning their routines for this years
Christmas Shows.  We hope to bring you some fantastic display to get you all feeling full of festive cheer.  For information please see below.

Dates and timings

This year we will be hosting 5 Christmas shows. The shows will take place on Monday 13th December 2021, Tuesday 14th December 2021 and Wednesday 15th December 2021.
  Each child has been allocated a show to attend according to their group and the day they normally attend their session  This includes our very youngest preschool gymnasts.  Squad gymnasts may need to attend more that one show.
Use the link below to see the day and time of your child's session.


Routine Videos - Practice at home
Use the link below to view videos of the routines for our preschool, recreational and younger squad gymnasts.


Registering Your Gymnast

To help with the smooth running of the event we ask that you use the form below to register that your child will be taking part in the show.


On the schedule we have listed the costume details for each performance.  For some performances we have also provided a link for you to get an idea of the costume or to purchase the costume.  We suggest that costumes are ordered asap to ensure delivery.

Tickets must be purchased in advance and show on entry either with a paper copy or digital.  Initially tickets will be limited to 2 per gymnast.  Squad parents should only purchase tickets for the squad shows.  Tickets can be purchased using the following link.  Unsold tickets will go on sale on Thursday 9th December 2021.
Ticket costs are £5 per ticket.


Due to Covid we have put in place a number of changes from previous years to ensure the safety of everyone attending.

This year we have increased the number of shows taking place to allow us to reduced the number of spectators per show whilst still giving parents/carers the opportunity to watch their gymnasts.

We have allocated specific entrances/exits for gymnasts and spectators. We ask that all spectators use the relevant doors to enter and leave the building.
  All spectators wear masks at all times during the performance unless exempt.  We also ask that spectators and gymnasts take a lateral test at least 48 hrs before they attend.

We will be keeping up to date with any new Covid guidelines issued and will act in accordance with those guidelines.