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Viewing Areas


We have viewing areas in both the Recreational and Performance centre as we believe in an open policy and do not restrict viewing during sessions.  


Preschool viewing areas - Performance Centre office - This area is for preschool gymnasts only. 

Performance centre viewing area - Upstairs in the performance centre

Recreational centre viewing area - Upstairs in the recreational centre cafeteria

Viewing Rules

To ensure the safety of all our visitors we do have a few rules that we would like you to be aware of.

Warrington Gymnastics Club would like all parents/guardians and visitors to be mindful that participants, especially young children, can be very distracted by individuals in the viewing area. Therefore, we ask that you in no way try to communicate with your child or coaches during classes.


Please ensure siblings and other children are supervised at all times.  Distraction can affect the ability of coaches to conduct their classes, the effectiveness of the participants classes, and the safety of all participants.


We also ask everyone to keep in mind that our Club viewing areas are open to all and we ask that you are mindful of others during conversations.


Should viewing become disruptive to training, the club or others, Warrington Gymnastics Club reserves the right to restrict viewing time.


If a parent/guardian or visitor continues to be disruptive, Warrington Gymnastics Club reserves the right to restrict their viewing access.


Parents/guardians and visitors are not to enter the gym areas for any reason. Do not approach or interrupt coaches during training periods.


In the interest of child protection Warrington Gymnastics Club has a strict no photography or video policy.  Parents/guardians or visitors found to be taking photographs or videos may be asked to delete any images or videos in their possession.


The upstairs viewing areas are also used as a party room and we would therefore ask that parents please ensure the areas are left clean and tidy.

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