WGC Badge Assessment Day 
Sunday 24th April 2022

As well as learning skills on asymmetric bars, beam, floor, vault and trampoline, gymnasts attending our recreational or advanced recreational classes also work through our very own GYMSTAR AWARD SCHEME. Starting at level 8 up to level 1 and then onto the more advanced Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.
​Gymnasts have to complete eight of a possible ten skills at each level to gain their badge and certificate for levels 8-1, and six  out of eight skills at each level for Bronze, Silver and Gold levels.

Our badge assessments are events and give our recreational gymnasts their chance to shine, performing in front of family, friends and their coaches our gymnasts love the excitement and receiving their medals!!!!

All gymnasts in our aged 4-6 groups will start at level 8, gymnasts in our aged 7-9 groups will start with level 7 and gymnasts in our aged 10+ groups will start at level 6, unless they have already completed badges with school or another club, if they have please let us know by completing the form using the link above.

If you would like your gymnast to take part in our Badge Assessments on Sunday 24th April 2022, please complete the form using the link, with your child's details.  Once we have received the entry form £15 will be added to your child's account.  This must be paid before the closing date for entry, this entry fee will NOT be taken by direct debit . The closing date for entry is Tuesday 19th April 2022. No Entries will be permitted after this date