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What is Tumbling?

Tumbling is a very characteristic discipline and is made up of very swift and rhythmical movements from hands to feet, feet to hands or even feet directly back onto feet. In tumbling a gymnast performs a tumbling pass which sees the gymnast gain speed and power by running along a track and performing a series of flics, whips somersaults and twists.  World class tumblers perform no less than two double somersaults within one run.


What we have at Warrington

Warrington tumblers are known nationwide for having some of the best tumblers in the country.  Many of our tumblers have competed at British Championships, World Age Group Championships and many international competitions.


The tumbling squad structure is split into sections and entry into our squads is by invite only.  We have Club Squad, Development Squad and Elite Squad.  


We also have a number of recreational tumbling sessions each week,  giving everyone the opportunity to experience this dynamic sport.

To find out more about recreational tumbling sessions use the button below or to  BOOK A TRIAL SESSION - For existing competitive tumblers only - please email  or call 01925 230090

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