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This years Club Championships will take place on the weekend of 27th & 28th April.
All our gymnasts are invited to take part in our Club Championships from our 1 hour gymnasts to our performance squads.

The event is organised as a competition and gives all our gymnasts a chance to have their moment to shine.
Gymnasts are organised into rounds, closer to the time you will be sent a running order that will let you know the start and finish time for your child's round.   Spectator tickets will be available once we have confirmed entry numbers.

Our 1 hour gymnasts will perform a set routine and a vault to achieve one of our GymStar Awards and will be presented with an award medal and certificate at the end of their round.

All our 2 hour + gymnasts will compete against each other at  levels dependant on skill choice and age.  Your child's coach will let you know which level/routine they are to compete at.  Highest scoring gymnasts in each category will be awarded with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place medals and ALL gymnasts will also receive a participation medal.

Each gymnast that enters is put into a team and gains scores to decided which team is our overall Champions!!!  The teams are countries and we ask all gymnast and spectators to celebrate and support their team by waving flags, banners and wearing the countries colours either in their hair or wear their countries flags as face/body tattoo's

We do encourage all our gymnasts to wear club colours/leotard if they can.  

The cost of entry for our recreational 1 hour or 2 hour gymnasts is £20 per gymnast.  Those gymnasts can enter and pay by completing the form below. 

All squad gymnasts will be automatically entered for this competition at a cost of £25 per gymnast will be added to your child's account.

The weekend is great fun for everyone as they are not only competing/performing for themselves but also their team!


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