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  • Can my child attend a session before joining?
    Yes, initially you will book a taster session for your child to try. This can be done online by following the link below. Once you have found a suitablee class, you can register by following the instructions (in your child's name) and book a taster session. BOOK A TASTER SESSION.
  • How do I book a taster session
    To book a taster session please visit our timetable using the link below and follow the instructions. The cost for your first taster session is £5 BOOK A TASTER SESSION
  • Do I need to book my child into sessions on a weekly basis?
    No, once you have booked your intial taster session we will automatically book your child into future session of your chosen day/time to secure your child’s place.
  • What happens after the taster session?
    After your initial taster session we would ask you to let us know if you child would like to join or not. If your child would like to join, we will ask you to pay your annual fees along with the balance of that months fees before your child's next session. This can be done by cash or card. If gymnastics wasn't for your child, just let us know and we take them off our registers and remove your details from our system.
  • What should my child wear?
    Our gymnasts wear leotards, leggings and t-shirts or shorts and t-shirts. Those with long hair must wear it tied up. Earrings must be removed before the session or covered with tape or plasters.
  • Where do I come when I arrive?
    Both our centres have reception areas, please try to arrive a few minutes early and we will be able to get your gymnast checked in. You will also be required to complete a membership form. Access to the Recreational Centre is via the side door and access to the Performance Centre is the Riverside entrance.
  • Where should I park?
    Please park at the rear of the Performance Centre, Units 8-11 Wharf Street.
  • Does my child need to bring anything?
    Yes, your gymnast will need a drink.
  • How do I pay?
    Your child's first taster session can be paid online when booking or by card over the phone. After your child's taster session, should you wish for your child to take a place with WGC you will need to pay British Gymnastics membership and Club membership before the next training session. Once this is paid you will also need to register your child with British Gymnastics. After initial membership payments are made fees are collected by direct debit on the 1st of each month. Please note our direct debit will show as Fitness Fees on your bank statement.
  • Can I stay and watch?
    Yes we have viewing areas in both our centres. Please read our viewing policy on the Viewing Areas tab
  • Can I just turn up?
    Unfortunately not, but all you have to do is book a taster session online at a suitable time you can then just turn up at the correct time and we will have all your details and paperwork ready for you.
  • Do you have club kit?
    Yes we do but its not compulsory to wear for training.
  • Will my child take part in competitions?
    All our gymnasts regardless of the level have the option to take part in our Club Championships and our Christmas events. Recreational gymnasts also have Badge Assessment days. All these events are optional.
  • Can my child take part in more than one session?
    Yes, many of our recreational gymnasts attend more than one session per week. If this is something your child would like to do, please speak to reception and they will assist.
  • Will my child move to a squad?
    Some gymnasts do move into squads fairly rapidly others may never. This is solely down to the individual and their ability and potential. We do ensure all gymnasts have an opportunity to move to our squad system by running trials throughout the year.
  • What is a Non for Profit Voluntary Organisation?
    A Voluntary Organisation is an organisation set up to carry some benefit for the wider community. Not-for-profit Voluntary organisations can make profits but the money must be ploughed back into the work of the group, not given to the members, the directors or anyone else as happens with for-profit groups. The organisation will involve some voluntary activity in its actual activities or in the management of the organisation. This does not mean that all the income of an organisation must come from voluntary contributions, or that everyone that works for it must be a volunteer. You may from time to time receive emails from WGC asking for volunteers or helpers, if you can help please put your name forward. Sport relies on millions of volunteer officials, coaches, administrators and managers, and without these committed volunteers, sport wouldn’t happen and sport clubs could not function. People volunteer at all ages, with many different skills and from every sector of society, so if you’ve got some time to spare and have an interest in gymnastics please let us know.
  • How can I find event information?
    We keep in contact with parents generally via email, if you are not recieving emails from us please let us know. Infomation regarding events and general information will also be posted on the notice boards around both gyms.
  • I have a concern, who do I contact."
    If you have a concern that you would like to discuss, you can speak to your child's coach or staff member. Alternatively you may feel more comfortable speaking to our Welfare Officer Jan Heaton. All details for our Welfare Officer can be found on our Welfare page by following the following link. WELFARE PAGE
  • What are the annual fees?
    There are two annual fees that you need to pay to become a member of Warrington Gymnastics Club. These fee run annually from 1st October - 30th September each year. Both must be paid after your taster session, should your child wish to join WGC. Club membership is £20 and British Gymnastics membership, as our governing body all members must be members of British Gymnastics. Most members will need Bronze or Preschool memberships which are £17 or £11 annually.
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